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Chronicles of Valore: Darkness Resurgent

Chronicles of Valore: Darkness Resurgent

A band of retired heroes and veterans take to the saddle once more as the ghosts of their past come back to haunt them.


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Forum for completely Out of Character (OOC) discussion, based around whatever is happening In Character (IC). Discuss plans, storylines, and events; Recruit for your roleplaying game, or find a GM for your playergroup.

This story begins twenty years ago in the lands of Caldonia. War had sparked out between the country of Tiria, and the tribal people of the southern plains. Elemental magic was the weapon of choice, and as the war raged back and forth, the tribesmen touched upon that which was forbidden. In a gambit to crush Tiria in a swift and decisive blow, they unleashed several primordials from the elemental planes where they had banished by the gods.

Tiria, in desperation, retaliated in kind, but the primordials were too powerful to be bound, too raw and untamable. The countryside was ravished, cataclysmic natural disasters tore through the land. The tribesmen were scattered, and Tiria was barely holding its borders against the elementals. The king sought aid from the neighboring draconians, and with all of Caldonia hanging on the brink of destruction, they too joined the war. Onward it raged all across southern Caldonia, until Ahuma, the draconian deity himself, descended to the mortal plane to do battle with the primordials. Slain in the final hours of the war, Ahuma's fall broke the draconian people.

The war was lost. The draconian capital lay in ruin, their deity lay slain, the human armies were broken and scattered, their king lost in battle. In a final hour of desperation a select few unlocked an ancient forbidden power to turn the tides. They called upon a being of the likes to surpass even the primordials, a being of void and shadow whose name has been lost to time. The primordials were cast back into the elemental planes, and Tiria and Caldonia were salvaged, but at a great cost. The war had left nothing but barren wasteland in its wake.

With the war over, our heroes dispersed and went their separate ways, but all had been forever marked by the forbidden power they had touched. Years later, rumors have begun to reach their ears of strange creatures that prowl the countryside, shadow beasts come out of the barrens to slaughter livestock and to prey upon borderland settlements. While many pass the rumors of as superstition and wild animals, with two of their number already dead, it would seem that something more sinister has risen its head to pull these battle-worn veterans back out of retirement.

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