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Life Improvement Via Home Improvement ? seeamericapavilion.com

Home Improvement Tips That Can Assist You For A Better Life

Your mood is influenced by your surroundings, and this is especially true within your own home. If you work from home, it is even more crucial to make sure your home setting is one that contributes to your comfort and happiness. When your home is nice, it is easier to do everything. Here are some terrific ways to help you turn your home into the amazing space you have always envisioned.

router table reviews is such a wide field of study, and you do have to decide which of the overall parts of the puzzle are more relevant to you.

But that can vary slightly, and it really just will depend on how you want to use the information. Yet you do realize there is much more to be discovered about this. The balance of this read holds much more that will help your particular situation. It is all about giving information that builds on itself, and we believe you will appreciate that. Little changes in your home will avoid disruption. If there is a part of your home that you feel could be suited to you better, focus on that area. A home should feel comfortable, and be a place you truly want to be. If something you do to your home is not the best possible thing for added value to a potential buyer in the future, then let them fix it for themselves once it is their home.

Do what you can to make the most of the space you have to store items, you can always add more as well. Keeping your home clean and organized can make a huge difference in your life.

Add some fun and exercise opportunities to your home by installing some recreational amenities. Why not convert a room into a game area, featuring a pool table and dartboard? Another thing to consider is having a hot tub or pool installed. Either of these will increase the value of your home and be quite pleasurable to use. Don?t forget the small improvements, even a basketball hoop outside can make your home more fun.

Look at the lighting in your home. Even the most subtle of changes can give a boost to your mental and physical health. For instance, dark lighting can cause eyestrain, but a simple fix in lighting can help lessen eyestrain significantly and enhance your mood. Installing new lights or, even easier, switching out existing ones is a quick and easy home improvement project, too. Changing up your lighting will make your whole home feel fresh and new.

Try your hand at gardening. Select an area of your backyard to create a beautiful outdoor space with plants, flowers or other greenery. Or, you could even turn your entire yard into a garden to enhance your enjoyment that much more. There are professionals that will tend to your garden, so you will not have to find the time but you can still enjoy the benefits. In addition to improving overall air quality in your living space, both inside and outside, a garden can provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables to round out your meals and beautiful flowers with which to grace your rooms.

An upgrade to your home?s exterior can invoke pride and lend enjoyment. By adding a new roof, siding or driveway, you can make your home a stand-out in your neighborhood. Your enjoyment will be instant once you see your newly remodeled exterior.

For those who spend a great deal of time at home, the surrounding atmosphere can affect one?s sense of well-being. If you can improve things in your home, you will raise your home?s value as well as making yourself a happier person.

The nice Suzan F Kneip is a wonderful writer.

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Chris Brown faces investigation after claims he stole iPhone from fan

By METRO WEB REPORTER - 24th February, 2012

Christal Spann said she saw the R&B star at Cameo in the South Beach district in the early hours of Sunday morning and tried to take a photo of him getting into a Bentley as he left.

She alleged Brown reached out of the car window and grabbed the phone from her hands, before saying: 'B**** you ain't going to put that on no website.'

Ms Spann told officers the car then drove off, with the Yeah 3x singer still in possession of her mobile.

Miami Beach Police are looking into the accusation, but no arrest warrant has been issued and Miami-Dade County state attorney's office has not made a decision about whether to charge the Grammy-winning artist.

Brown is midway through a five-year probation after he pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna in 2009, and could face jail if he is deemed to have breached the terms of the order.

Source: http://www.metro.co.uk/showbiz/891359-chris-brown-faces-investigation-after-claims-he-stole-iphone-from-fan

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Modern Epos Systems For Your Retail Business | Seminole Business

EPOS ?r Electronic Point Of Sale systems ?r? becoming increasingly ????l?r w?th businesses ?nd shops ?f ?ll sizes. Th?? offer a convenient way t? track, manage, ?nd maintain stock ?? well ?? data relating t? sales. Th?? ??n b? combined w?th analysis ?nd reporting software ?n order th?t th? shop owner ?r businessperson ??n analyse th? data, calculate margins, ?nd work out ?n efficient ?l?n t? reduce those margins ?nd therefore increase profits.

Combining Sales Channels

One ?f th? greatest problems f?r modern businesses ?? combining th? various sales channels th?t th?? ???. A? well ?? a bricks ?nd mortar style shop wh??h requires a Point ?f Sale system, many businesses ?l?? m?k? sales over th? phone, b? email, ?n websites, ?nd even ?n auction sites ?nd online marketplaces. Th? problem w?th th?? f?r many shops ?? th?t ?t means data ?? found ?n various formats ?nd literally ?ll over th? ?l???. Combining th? individual sets ?f data ?nt? a usable ?nd complete dataset ?? very difficult ?nd ??n b? t?? time consuming f?r th? typical retailer.

EPOS Systems

Modern EPOS systems negate th? need t? h??? multiple systems ?r multiple sets ?f data. In fact, th?? ??n combine data fr?m ???r ?wn website ?? well ?? sites l?k? Ebay ?nd PayPal. Th?? ??n th?n combine th?? w?th data fr?m ???r high street shop, data fr?m ???r mail order business, ?nd data fr?m ???r phone ordering system t??. Essentially, h?w???r ??? ?h???? t? sell products ?nd services ?? entirely up t? ??? b?t ??? d? n?t need t? feel restricted wh?n choosing sales channels thanks t? modern EPOS systems.

Trends And Analysis

Th?r? ?? a greater trend towards analysis ?nd trending ?n th? modern marketplace. Modern businesses ?r? highly ?n tune w?th th? fact th?t lower spend ?nd increased prices means improved profits, ?nd many shops ?r? ?l?? aware ?f th? benefits ?f a q???k stock turnaround. H?w???r, without effective EPOS systems ?t ??n prove virtually impossible t? calculate th? figures ??? need l?t alone work w?th those figures. Y?? ??n even fully integrate ???r web store w?th ???r shop stock without having t? keep track ?f each individually.

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Source: http://www.seminolebusiness.net/modern-epos-systems-for-your-retail-business

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Individual Financial Suggestions A few Useful ... - Personal Finance

Business owner or even not really, your own way of life as well as your own choices ought to become because completely supported through because a lot careful preparing as well as attention because a person might whenever a person tend to be determining upon the actual yearly spending budget with regard to the organization associated with your own personal. Generally there is actually the entire quantity associated with factors the reason why controlling your own cash nicely will certainly provide a person the much better opportunity associated with achievement, as well as this is actually almost all regarding exactly how a person place your self. Allow these types of Individual financial suggestions display a person exactly how.

Financial situation tend to be the actual title associated with the actual video game, as well as in case not really held within best form, your own messy financial situation possess the method associated with gathering, as well as after that getting upward. Spend take in order to these types of essential Individual Financial Suggestions which may assist a person. Whether or not a person tend to be 1 associated with the actual workers associated with the massive organization, or even personal used experts this kind of because industrial home loan broker agents, generally there is actually just absolutely no reason in order to mismanage your own cash issues. Your own individual financial situation tend to be each and every little bit because important because business financial situation, as well as vice versa, even though the actual quantities associated with cash might differ the little bit.

Create utilize associated with the actual subsequent resources with regard to controlling your own financial situation, as well as create the actual greatest utilize associated with all of them with regard to obtain, as well as in order to prevent reduction. Create utilize associated with contemporary technologies as well as the actual advantages this involve, this kind of because the actual Charles Schwab Credit score cards. Because industrial home loan broker agents will certainly inform a person, ?a buck stored is actually the buck earned?.

A few Recommendations associated with individual financial suggestions ?

Mint dot com

Mint offers obtained raving testimonials, as well as definitely, the actual website offers the easy as well as simple in order to utilize as well as evaluate file format, that handles your own individual financial situation within a good exemplary way. Mint aggregates the actual monetary info within the extensive file format, as well as a person will certainly understand exactly how in order to invest, as well as exactly how in order to conserve. Greatest associated with almost all, the totally free associated with price, as well as generally there is actually absolutely no software program downloading, absolutely no obligations, studies or even anything at all associated with which type. Almost all your own trading accounts may become synced along with absolutely no trouble.

CreditKarma dot com

An additional totally free support, CreditKarma provides a person totally free credit score reviews, as well as a person may discover the great deal associated with guidance right here which will certainly assist a person conserve money upon home loans, financial loans, credit score credit cards, as well as the entire great deal much more, essentially such as industrial home loan broker agents. Generally there tend to be the great quantity associated with outstanding providers.

Credit score credit cards

Nicely, unstable region in order to provide particular guidance, however credit score credit cards this kind of because the actual Charles Schwab Credit score cards may perform a lot in order to conserve your own cash, in case a person tend to be intelligent sufficient in order to in no way have the stability. In case a person may utilize the actual excellent benefits applications along with absolutely no be concerned regarding the actual APRIL, a person will certainly possess in order to reside inside your own indicates as well as not really have stability.

Spend away almost all the actual products a person would like within the 30 days through your own cards, as well as crystal clear the actual balances frequently. This particular will certainly allow a person in order to enjoy advantages upon the actual benefits. A person may additionally maintain monitor associated with the actual numerous costs, because nicely because maintain the rule upon your own investing routines.

A person may appreciate the actual benefits this kind of because all those provided through charles schwab credit score cards, in case a person possess the stock broker accounts along with all of them. Generally there tend to be the great variety associated with benefits a person may conserve upon.

Source: http://www.mefpp.org/individual-financial-suggestions-a-few-useful-recommendations.htm

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Stewart and Kenseth win Daytona qualifying races

Tony Stewart looks out from the garage during practice for Sunday's NASCAR Daytona 500 auto race in Daytona Beach, Fla., Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012. (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)

Tony Stewart looks out from the garage during practice for Sunday's NASCAR Daytona 500 auto race in Daytona Beach, Fla., Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012. (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)

Danica Patrick, left, talks with Tony Stewart, right, during practice for Sunday's NASCAR Daytona 500 auto race in Daytona Beach, Fla., Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012. (AP Photo/Terry Renna)

Jimmie Johnson gets ready to go out on the track during practice for Sunday's NASCAR Daytona 500 auto race in Daytona Beach, Fla., Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Dale Earnhardt Jr, right, talks to a crew member during practice for Sunday's NASCAR Daytona 500 auto race in Daytona Beach, Fla., Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012. (AP Photo/Terry Renna)

Driver's, from left, Jamie McMurray, Brad Keselowski and Dale Earnhardt Jr. share a laugh in the garage during a practice session for Sunday's NASCAR Daytona 500 auto race in Daytona Beach, Fla., Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

(AP) ? Roush Fenway Racing will have three cars at the front of the season-opening Daytona 500.

Matt Kenseth won the second of the twin 150-mile qualifying races Thursday with a bold pass of teammate Greg Biffle. The victory gave Kenseth a spot on the second row for Sunday's race ? right behind teammates Carl Edwards and Biffle.

Tony Stewart, the defending NASCAR champion, won the first race and will line up next to Kenseth at Daytona International Speedway.

Biffle was leading headed into the final lap, but he tried to block Kenseth, who dove to the inside and used a push from Jimmie Johnson to take the lead.

"Well, we were going so much faster that we were going to go by him regardless," Kenseth said. "I think that was his only hope, is to try to get up the track, try to line my front bumper up where I had to push him. The problem was, I was going too fast. Even if I wanted to slow down, which I didn't want to on the last lap, I couldn't have."

Robby Gordon and Michael McDowell earned the two spots up for grabs in the first race, while Joe Nemechek and Dave Blaney each raced their way into the 500 in the second qualifying race.

Gordon said after he'd be willing to sell his seat to two-time Daytona 500 winner Michael Waltrip, who failed to qualify for the race after wrecking as he tried to return to the track surface after a late pit stop. The accident means it will be the first time since 1972 neither Darrell Waltrip or Michael Waltrip will be in NASCAR's biggest race of the season.

"I just went the wrong way and lost the car," said a dejected Waltrip. "I feel like I let everybody down. I don't know what to say. It's just sad."

The two qualifying races could not have been more different, and both were far calmer than Saturday night's exhibition Daytona 500. That race was the first display of new rules NASCAR implemented to break up the two-car tandem racing that fans vehemently opposed.

But the return of pack racing led to three multi-car accidents and a sling-shot pass at the end of the race that gave Kyle Busch the win over Stewart.

The first race on Thursday had one early five-car accident that began when McDowell ran into David Gilliland, who shot directly into Juan Pablo Montoya and Paul Menard.

Menard then questioned the style of racing NASCAR has created.

"It's a mess out there," said Menard, who was also wrecked in the Shootout. "NASCAR is trying to dictate physics. Physics says two cars are going to push and they're trying to make rule changes to keep us from doing it, so it's kind of hybrid pack racing and tandem racing. It's causing a pretty unsafe situation."

On the last lap of the race, with Stewart trying to hold off Dale Earnhardt Jr. in a race to the checkered flag, Danica Patrick was wrecked as the pack raced down the backstretch.

Patrick was hit by Aric Almirola as they raced along the backstretch. The contact sent her car sliding across the track and into an inside retaining wall. Her Chevrolet lifted off its wheels as it hit the SAFER barrier, which noticeably softened the blow.

She was not injured and will make her Daytona 500 debut on Sunday.

"It happened really quick," she said. "We were just looking to finish, to be honest, and unfortunately that wasn't the case. It felt pretty big. I don't know what it looked like."

Stewart, who owns Patrick's car, said he tried to watch her race from his rearview mirror.

"I got to see a replay of it, but I didn't see how it started," he said. "The little bit I could see, I thought she did a good job. There wasn't any doubt in my mind she would do that. It's hard for her now because she's trying to gain the confidence of the guys around her that she's solid and is going to make good decisions.

"She's trying to gain the other drivers' confidence."

The second race was caution-free and had very little action until the end, when Kenseth passed Biffle for the win. It made it unclear what the Daytona 500 will look like, but Stewart, who is 0 for 13 in this race, said he's not been holding back during SpeedWeeks and will race hard on Sunday.

"I think we showed the rest of the field that we have a car that has good speed," he said. "I want those guys to see that we've got strength. I think it's an advantage to do that at this point of the game, showing that guys around you are going to hopefully want to be around you, and know that you've got a car that can stay up there, so they want to stay with you."

Stewart, who hasn't missed a beat since closing out last season's title run, picked up his first victory with new crew chief Steve Addington, who was hired to replace Darian Grubb after Stewart's championship run.

"We took care of business today," Stewart said.

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/347875155d53465d95cec892aeb06419/Article_2012-02-23-CAR-NASCAR-Daytona-500/id-a5f81dd57a3b4b87822283f1fdacd3b0

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Ishmael Jones: On John Kiriakou (Powerlineblog)

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Atopic Eczema ? Symptoms and Recommended Treatments

One of the types of eczema is the atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis which is simply abbreviated as AD. As the name suggests, it is a chronically relapsing skin disorder which is characterized by itching and inflammation. It is a non-contagious disease. This illness has been given several names, like infantile eczema, flexural eczema, endogenous eczema and neurodermitis. The primary eczema treatment is the timely prevention as derived from the proverbial quotation, ?Prevention is better than cure?.

The victim?s skin becomes sensitive, provoking abnormal response to environmental allergens, food and irritants. It shows vulnerability to the bacterial epidermal infections and becomes red and flaky. Among affected humans, the most susceptible areas are flexural surfaces of the joints. Atopic eczema often accompanies other atopic disorders like allergic conjunctivitis, asthma, hay fever etc. With the passage of time its severity either worsens or diminishes. This disease is also found in domestic dogs, and it is virtually different from psoriasis.

The best eczema treatment is to discover the stimuli of allergic reactions and try to get protection against them. Once seldom agreed upon, the contribution of food itching to AD (atopic Dermatitis) is now widely believed. These food allergens include corn, soy, wheat, yeast, cheese, nuts, tomatoes and milk. Such common allergens are not found in the products of specialty health food stores. So, one precautionary measure is the diet regulation like histamine free diet benefits about one third victims. Breastfeeding also helps in eczema treatment. Avoidance of smoking, environmental dust and positive modification in life style aids in curing atopic eczema. In case the victim is severely suffering, even after the removal of hazardous allergens, the disease is not relieved because it takes time for the human immune system to settle down.

Besides medication for eczema treatment, topical treatment is based on the reduction of both inflammation and dryness of the skin. Among moisturizers, the petroleum jelly reduces water loss up to 98 %, thus considered most effective. Stratum corneum ceramide deficiency causes barrier abnormality in atopic dermatitis. Both prescriptive drugs, like Epiceram and other non-prescriptive creams like Cerave and Aveeno are usually rich in ceramide content, thus curing the disease. The brand Hylira is a lotion containing sodium hyaluronate which is generally prescribed. Keeping the showers short and at lukewarm temperature and using a soap substitutes is usually recommended.

Some other eczema treatment strategies include the employment of antibiotics, light or ultra-violet therapy and alternative means like the application of Zemaphyte which is herbal formulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Secondary bacterial infections are dealt with the application of sodium hydrochloride, about 120 ml in a bathtub brimming with water accompanied with the nasal application of mupirocin.

Substantial study is becoming carried out on mice like the administration of Mycobacterium vaccae by means of which AE-like lesions can be prevented in humans. Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council is carrying out investigation inside the UK to find out the effect of natural molecules on the skin. Atopic eczema possibility has tripled inside the United States alone throughout last nearly thirty years and industrialized nations normally show ten to 20% of youngsters and 1 to 3% of adult situations from the affected.

Visit http://www.beateczemareview.net to know more about eczema treatment.

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Debt Consolidation Instrument | Weekly Finance Reviews

The draft law on consolidation of commercial information of Chileans opened a huge debate between banks and large retail chains and non-bank credit or services, such as cooperatives and mutuals. The multi-shop scandal soured Polaris dispute.

The main interest of the banks is to access the databases of retail customers of the compensation funds, cooperatives and credit institutions automotive, among others. This would enable them to know the level of indebtedness, payment behavior, the real incomes of its customers, and many other data banks would serve to refine its policies towards people. So far, this is one of the best kept secrets in the retail and related it would know where the good and bad payers.

The retail notes that such information has been built on proprietary data and through many years of work, so it is an important intangible company, knowing that would allow banks to select the best customers as targets of aggressive campaign sales and why not on monopolizing endeudarlos your creditworthiness.

Additionally, banks will show a profit at no cost by leveraging the efforts of others who also would be violating the trust of its customers by delivering their databases.

Meanwhile, the bank argues that for reasons of transparency and market health such consolidation is necessary. Having it could mean lower interest rates to be less risk for the lender, and a decrease in delinquency and less overhang.

Consumers appear as the ham sandwich in this dispute, despite being, strictly speaking, the true owners of the information. To argue that consolidation can be a means to control the debt overhang is belied by reality. The sub-prime crisis originated in U.S. by the consumer mortgage indebtedness was due to aggressive lending policies of the authorities, which play to the limit with the natural expectation of consumers? own homes, poorly evaluated the risks, even though that country is debt consolidation.

In Chile we know roughly what the actual level of indebtedness of citizens. This figure, which still today is scattered, with the consolidation would become qualitative information, with effects in either direction. You might even have contractionary effects on trade, or part thereof, if such information is derived from a loss of access to credit for thousands of families by increasing their risk of insolvency.

Beyond the validity of the arguments and the eventual approval of the project, it is necessary to help the responsible behavior of consumers while also improving other legislation that has direct connection with the matters discussed.

This is important in the law on protection of personal data, which should be left clear that debt data, whether consolidated or not, and negative or positive, consumer-owned, and which can not be transferred or sold as information . Set also be used only for the purpose expressly authorized by the consumer, and that any unauthorized use will be subject to fines and penalties as high as possible to inhibit any attempt of data traffic as it exists today.

So prior to approval of the consolidation project, it should speed up the processing of new rules for credit card issuance, which should set out clearly the obligations of issuers and their responsibilities in delivering them. It should also create a regulatory and supervisory entity of the retail and emissions of non-bank credit cards. Finally, it should also legislate a law of insolvency or personal bankruptcy.

If the decision is to legislate in this area, all fonts must be embedded debt in the law, properly controlled and regulated in its operation.

Are these measures the government bill, absolutely necessary, which can make the credit market a more balanced relationship between consumers and financial service providers, and the consolidation of commercial information and healthy economic instrument of equality, and not only a new form of discrimination for citizens and consumers.

Source: http://www.fna2008.com/debt-consolidation-instrument.htm

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Greek premier rushes to Brussels to secure bailout

A protester waves a Greek flag in front of the parliament in central Athens as few hundred protesters gather to protest against the government's austerity measures during an anti-government rally on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012.(AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

A protester waves a Greek flag in front of the parliament in central Athens as few hundred protesters gather to protest against the government's austerity measures during an anti-government rally on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012.(AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

A man begs at a traffic light as a woman enjoys her coffee reading a fashion magazine in a cafe of a luxurious hotel on Athens' Syntagma main square on Sunday 19, 2012. The Greek parliament is set to vote on emergency austerity measures next week necessary for a euros130-billion ($170- billion) bailout deal with the EU and IMF to avoid default. (AP Photo/Dimitri Messinis)

The temple of Parthenon is silhouetted after the sunset on the top of the Acropolis hill in Athens, Sunday Feb. 19, 2012. The Greek parliament is set to vote on emergency austerity measures next week necessary for a euros130-billion ($170- billion) bailout deal with the EU and IMF to avoid default. (AP Photo/Dimitri Messinis)

The temple of Parthenon is illuminated after the sunset on the top of the Acropolis hill in Athens, Sunday Feb. 19, 2012. The Greek parliament is set to vote on emergency austerity measures next week necessary for a euros130-billion ($170- billion) bailout deal with the EU and IMF to avoid default. (AP Photo/Dimitri Messinis)

Employees of the Byzantine and Christianity museum hold a cardboard replica of ancient ruins which reads: ''Monument for sale'' during a peaceful protest outside the Greek Parliament in Athens, Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012. Tensions between Athens and other European capitals hit new highs this week as eurozone ministers delayed to next Monday a decision on a bailout agreement and demanded more commitments from Greece. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

(AP) ? Greece's prime minister rushed to Brussels on Sunday, a day before eurozone finance ministers have to decide whether his country will get a euro130-billion ($170-billion) bailout and avoid a potentially devastating default.

Leaders from Germany, Italy and Greece have said they are optimistic that the deal on a second massive bailout for Athens can be clinched at the meeting after months of delay, but critics have expressed doubts over Greek political leaders' commitment to austerity and there are still difficult details to be ironed out.

Pressure is on Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos to seal the deal and his presence in Brussels could lend more weight to the country's efforts and promises.

Monday's meeting could "result in the need to take very important decisions for the country and require immediate and thorough consultation between the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance," Papademos' office said in a statement. He is also expected to hold talks with representatives of Greece's private creditors on a related euro100-billion debt relief deal.

Greece is straining to secure the rescue loans and the debt relief deal quickly to avoid defaulting on a euro14.5 billion bond redemption on March 20. The government has already pushed a massive austerity and reform package though parliament and is expected to introduce in Parliament on Monday two more pieces of emergency legislation ? including wage and pension cuts. There were scattered protests over the cuts in Athens on Sunday and about 60 people detained.

High-level finance ministry officials from the 17 countries that use the euro as their currency were already meeting in Brussels Sunday to evaluate Greece's latest austerity plans, as well as whether the new bailout and a related debt-relief plan could bring the country's debt down to a sustainable level.

Before the rest of the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund can sign off on Greece's new rescue package, which was tentatively agreed to in October, and comes on top of a euro110 billion bailout granted in 2010, several issues have to be resolved:

Germany and other rich euro countries want Greece to set up a separately managed account that would ensure that the country services its debt. The idea of such an escrow account is that it would maintain pressure on Greece to stick to promised austerity and reform measures, without the eurozone risking the destabilizing effects of a default.

The escrow account would give legal priority to debt and interest payments over paying for government services. However, it is still unclear whether only funds from the bailout would be funneled into the account or whether Greece will also be expected to pay in some taxpayer money.

"There is agreement within the Eurogroup that there will be such a special account, or 'escrow account' in jargon, for the disbursement of the second aid package," German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told German daily Tagesspiegel's Sunday edition. "The account ensures a priority for debt reduction."

But a European Union official said forcing Greece to also channel government revenue into the escrow account "is not off the table." He was speaking on condition of anonymity because the talks among finance ministry officials were still going on.

Such a requirement would be an unprecedented intrusion into a sovereign state's fiscal affairs and could ultimately see Greece force to pay interest on its debt rather than teachers, doctors or other government employees.

The European Commission, the EU's executive arm, prepared several proposals for an escrow account for Sunday's and Monday's meetings. However, the IMF does not like the idea of such an account, the official said.

The second big outstanding issue is how to make sure that the current efforts to save Greece can actually bring the country's debts down to a manageable level in the longer term. In October, eurozone leaders and the IMF said that Greece's debt should be reduced to around 120 percent of annual economic output by 2020, from above 160 percent currently.

But a new report prepared by the Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF concluded that the new bailout, Athens' spending cuts and a planned euro100 billion debt relief from private investors would still leave Greece's debt at almost 129 percent of economic output by the end of the decade, a European official said Thursday. The official was also speaking on condition of anonymity because the report is confidential.

There is hope that the ECB and national central banks could help close a big part of that financing gap by forgoing profits on their own holdings of Greek government bonds, but the bank has so far not announced a clear plan to that effect.

A cut in the interest rate Greece has to pay on its first bailout could also contribute to reaching the 2020 target.

Another issue due to be discussed Monday is how much the IMF will contribute to the new rescue. The Washington-based fund has provided one-third of the bailouts for Ireland and Portugal and chipped in euro30 billion for Greece's first euro110 billion rescue. But this time around, it looks as if the IMF will put up much less than one-third.

"The indication is that the figure will be rather low," the EU official said, but added that a final decision from the fund's board is still outstanding. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde will also be at the Brussels meeting Monday.

Greece has already passed a far-reaching new austerity and reform package through Parliament despite violent protests. In addition to that, the leaders of both main parties have signed written pledges promising to implement the measures even after elections expected in April.

On Monday, Papademos' government introduces legislation mean to supplement the 2012 budget and make sure that a total of euro3.2 billion in savings can be achieved. It is expected to be debated in committee Tuesday and submitted to a vote Wednesday. A separate legislation will provide for permanent pension cuts.

More actions ? including measures passed last July but never implemented ? must be approved by the end of February. These include slashing the wages of some special categories of employees, such as special advisers to the government, as well as professionals, such as lawyers.

Also,the government must shut down some more state agencies and update the list of pharmaceuticals approved by the National Health Service. A Sunday newspaper, To Vima, estimated that by the end of the month the government must pass some 79 laws and ministerial decrees to comply with the creditors' demands.

"It's difficult (for Greece) to go beyond what's been agreed," the EU official said, adding that it will be mostly up to the eurozone and the ECB to decide how to close the financing gap it the new program. "Ninety percent is done so there is no reason to think that there should be bad news on Monday," he said.

In Athens, a morning gathering called by Greece's two main union confederations attracted fewer than a thousand protesters. Separately, there were a few scuffles when about a hundred youth threw stones at riot police outside Parliament.

Several dozen "angry bikers" paraded through central Athens earlier Sunday afternoon honking their horns. Unionists affiliated with the communist party will hold their own protest rally and march to parliament Tuesday.


Demetris Nellas reported from Athens, Greece. Juergen Baetz in Berlin contributed to this story.

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/f70471f764144b2fab526d39972d37b3/Article_2012-02-19-EU-Greece-Financial-Crisis/id-0411cec02a984cfeb230105db36221ab

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Japan's record trade deficit highlights weakening Chinese demand (Reuters)

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Reuters - Japan logged a record trade deficit with China in January as exports dropped by a fifth, underscoring concerns about how sharply China is slowing and its ability to buffer a frail global economy against European turmoil.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/business/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20120220/bs_nm/us_japan_economy

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রবিবার, ১৯ ফেব্রুয়ারী, ২০১২

Visiting with America's Young Farmers & Ranchers ? Monsanto Blog ...

[unable to retrieve full-text content]The baby boomer generation combined with smaller families and the lower birth rate has a lot of people aware of the ?graying of America.? I saw a stat whizz past me yesterday on Twitter that pointed out that a majority of America's farmers and ranchers are ... Sam's blog pulls together her life in medicine, at home and on the farm with MommyDocFarmer. Finally, I hope to make it out to see the family dairy farm of Annie & Jerry Link while I'm in the area. She blogs at ...

Source: http://monsantoblog.com/2012/02/17/visiting-with-americas-young-farmers-ranchers/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=visiting-with-americas-young-farmers-ranchers

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Kitchen Cabinet Handles ? Finish Your Home ... - Home Improvement

If you?ve recently undergone a kitchen remodel, you may be looking for ways to spruce up your room like never before. When home owners institute such a big change on their home, it?s only natural for them to want to make their kitchen look like it never has before ? from appliances to flooring to countertops. Although replacing these elements impacts the room greatly, the project doesn?t just end there. Within your kitchen, although it may be very spacious, are tons of details. These details, just like the major elements in the room, cannot be ignored. Without placing the necessary concentration on them, your kitchen will be unable to reach its full potential.

Making small home additions may seem irrelevant if you?ve just completed a big remodel, but in order for your kitchen to look it?s best ? these small elements need attention. If you?re having trouble locating these vital decorative outlets in your kitchen, you don?t have to look out of your direct line of vision.

When you walk into many kitchens, the first thing that you notice is a long line of cabinets directly at eye level. Upon these cabinets are vital details that can make a major impact on the overall design of the room. Kitchen cabinet handles may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a remodel, but they can make or break the outcome of your finished product. Small things like cabinet door handles are not only inexpensive, but easy to install. This means that if you?re sick of hiring outside labor to complete your projects, you won?t have to call on them to assist you with installing your finishing touches.

Cabinet hardware allows homeowners to unleash their creative licenses and perfectly coordinate their kitchens.

If you?re currently using the generic cabinet hardware on your cabinets, you won?t realize just how big of a difference putting a creative twist on your kitchen cabinet handles can make. If you have a black and white kitchen and you?re looking to add a fun, modern twist ? you can easily accomplish this with the installation of new cabinet door handles. Instead of settling for the plan, black cabinet hardware on your black cabinets ? add a touch of color with vibrant, red kitchen cabinet handles. You?ll not only add a pop of color to the room, but you?ll add a creative and interesting twist without cluttering floor, counter, or wall space. If you deal with the struggles of a smaller sized kitchen ? you?ll be sure to appreciate the saved space you?ll have by placing decorative concentration on elements that already exist in the kitchen.

If you have a more traditional home, you can browse huge selections of cabinet hardware until you find the perfect match for your home. With thousands of styles, colors, textures, and designs available ? every homeowner can become a designer and choose the absolute perfect style for their home. A traditional kitchen can be greatly enhanced with the introduction of classic, gold cabinet hardware instead of door handles that simply blend in with their current cabinetry. Once you install these beautiful details, you?ll be able to see just how beautiful your kitchen can be.

So whether you?ve recently completed your remodel or you?re just beginning to make plans, don?t forget about the smaller home additions when you?re drawing out the details. Although it can be easy to get wrapped up in concentrating on the large elements of the room, you can compliment them with details, thus making them even better. Taking on a kitchen remodel is a big deal, so don?t let your finished product fall short. Take the time to give attention to your entire room and your new kitchen will be everything you dreamed, and maybe even a little more.

Source: http://provider-concierge.com/kitchen-cabinet-handles-finish-your-home-remodel-with-style.html

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How Companies Learn Your Secrets

People often forget there client card at my super market (AH) and I happily lend them mine. Must give them some interesting stats.

The problem is that marketeers really think this matter. Lets examine this particular case for just how idiotic it is.

Target profiles its EXISTING customers to be able to bombard them with coupons for products these same customers already pass everyday... Can win these customers for live? YOU ALREADY GOT THEM! And now instead of them buying the products they already seen at full price, you are reducing the price for no good reason.

TV shows just how desperate marketeers are to prove they matter, the program you are watching interrupted by ads, for the program you were trying to watch followed by overlays of the next program, so please stay tuned... I would if you didn't ruin the program with all this begging. It is like going to a restaurant and having the chef come over after every bite to ask if you are enjoying yourself.

Marketing doesn't sell products, marketing sells marketing. I am not saying ads don't work but rather that the constant overloading of ads, does not work. Check this for yourself, if an adblock takes longer then it used to, do you continue watching? Once ads were singular, to short to flick away. But the "going to the toilet" during the advertising is now a way of life and has been for decades. And here poor advertisers are trying to sell their products to viewers who are studying their toilet door.

Myself? I barely bother with TV anymore. If for some masochistic reason I want to see what happens, I download it and get rid of ads altogether. I have ad block installed and ghostery. NOT because I mind being tracked so much but because I just can't stand the interuptions and delays that slow ads and scripts cause.

This Target campaign targets existing customers into buy stuff they have to buy anyway and ignores new customers altogether... BRILLIANT. I know how effective it is, some marketeers and statisticians got payed big bugs. Mission accomplished. Any actual new customers that make up for the costs and potential lawsuits? (Oh you just wait till they get it wrong or target a woman who had an abortion, or didn't want her family to know or had a miscarriage).

Source: http://rss.slashdot.org/~r/Slashdot/slashdotScience/~3/5cKsg-t9flI/how-companies-learn-your-secrets

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Cheap Web Hosting Is Ideal For Personal Or Business Use.

Be it big or small, web hosting is an obligatory part of any online business. But selecting the best and cheap web hosting company is a difficult task. Though there are a number of web hosting companies available who claim to provide the best services at cheaper price, but you need to be sure of the one that you pick.

With the help of internet you can choose the best web hosting company as per your business demands. Initially, you must check the web hosting directory. Nearly all companies are enlisted in this online directory with entire information about services, plans and pricing.

Make a comparison of the services provided by these companies and judge against the price quoted. You must evaluate your business requirements first prior to analyzing these companies. Pay attention to all details and assess them with regard to the requirements of your business.

The web hosting directory contains a list of cheap web hosting companies also as a discrete list.

A cheap web host may be the best deal for you if your business needs are met with. Do be sure that your service provider offers you technical support, domain and marketing of the site. Having technical support executive with you readily available is extremely vital or you may find a lot of difficulties.

Not only prices, but each company should also be evaluated on quality. Assess the amount of web space provided in contrast to the amount paid. Once your business begins expanding, your requirement for space will increase. Any restriction will obstruct your success then. The chosen web hosting company should be able to meet the growing needs of space.

Another vital aspect of a good cheap web hosting company is the reliability.

A reliable cheap web host assures at least 99% of your online presence; anything lesser than that will bar your success in online business. He will offer immediate support in case of system breakdowns or any other trouble pertaining to server, operating system or even hardware.

Efficient customer support service is also imperative to any web hosting company. Nothing is parallel to live support service. A good cheap host is available round the clock to answer the queries or to help his clients in having 100% online presence.

If you are in search of reselling options in your web hosting company, then you must validate its virtual hosting abilities containing internet options and protection of password. Look through the reviews available before making a final call.

A good cheap web hosting company is important to your online business success. Hence, you must choose considering all the aspects possible. Any decision taken in rush could bring total failure of your asset and resources.

Make use of all the resources available to you for making the accurate choice of a good web hosting company. A skilled web host bears positive reviews on the basis of his skill to deal with the new or experienced clients.

Cheap web hosting is the best way to get your website online with a small budget.

Article Marketing by Article Marketing Robot

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Player Profile: Michael Lihrman

Winning is never good enough for the University of Wisconsin-Stout?s track and field thrower, Michael Lihrman. But isn?t winning the ultimate goal one aims for within every sport? To Lihrman, however, winning sometimes just doesn?t cut it. From the wise words of Wolfgang Schadler, ?Victory isn?t defined by wins or losses. It is defined by effort. If you can truthfully say, ?I did the best I could, I gave everything I had,? then you?re a winner.? To Lihrman, this is what winning truly means.

Lihrman, a UW-Stout sophomore, has been a part of UW-Stout?s track and field team since last year. A top competitor in field events, Lihrman excels in weight throw (indoor), hammer throw (outdoor) and discus. Overcoming weight issues in high school, Lihrman geared his new body toward sports starting with his junior year. Joining the track and field team as well as football in high school, Lihrman shot into his athletic career.

In high school Lihrman was M.V.P. in field events at the Big River Conference, conference leader in shot put and discus, and was high school best in shot put and discus. During his freshman year at UW-Stout, Lirhman was named Rookie of the Year.

With the 2012 season underway, Lirhman has already broken the school?s record for weight throw, not just once, but twice.

?I didn?t even know I broke it [the school record] at first. That day in general felt sloppy so I wasn?t expecting much. When I was done my coach shook my hand. Turns out I broke the record!?

A driven athlete, Lihrman is passionate for his sport. It shows through his charismatic personality and skilled athletic technique. ?Throwing definitely puts me in a good mood,? Lihrman said, ?It?s really a motivator for life. It motivates you to practice, learn, research and grow on your own. Ultimately you are the only one that can truly make yourself better. Just use the resources around to help yourself.?

Even though Lirhman is currently fourth in the nation, he still strives for bigger and better. ?I can win a meet,? says Lirhman, ?but if I don?t hit how far I want to hit, then it?s not good enough for me. That?s what drives me.? Lirhman?s life goal is to compete in the Olympic Games. ?Hitting my goals is what inspires me,? says Lirhman, ?Ultimately, I want to train to be in the Olympics. I could see it happening.?

Lihrman is driven to exceed goals and expectations, not from others, but from those of his own. His philosophy is to not compete with others, his drive comes from within.

To cheer on Lihrman and the UW-Stout track and field team, UW-Stout will be hosting the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC) Indoor Championships this season on Feb. 24-25.



Source: http://stoutonia-online.com/2012/02/16/player-profile-michael-lihrman/

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বৃহস্পতিবার, ১৬ ফেব্রুয়ারী, ২০১২

London Olympics triggers record rent for British home (Reuters)

LONDON (Reuters) ? A seven-bedroom house in London's upmarket Mayfair district will likely set a British record rent of 433,000 pounds ($678,400) per month as landlords cash in on demand for space during this summer's Olympic Games.

The house has a floor space equivalent to three and a half tennis courts spread over three floors and includes a swimming pool, cinema and seven bathrooms. It can be also rented for 100,000 pounds a week.

In addition to a six-bedroom flat near the Harrods store in Knightsbridge that is for rent at the same weekly sum, it is the most expensive home on the findaproperty.com website, which displays houses being marketed by major estate agents.

"The figure is unprecedented for an open-market rental," said Jemma Scott, head of residential corporate services at real estate agency Knight Frank. "It is purely due to the Olympics which, as a rule of thumb, will see monthly rents become weekly rents before reverting to normal after the Games."

The house would likely attract interest from overseas individuals in the Far East, Middle East and Russia, she said.

London homeowners are increasing rents by up to six times to meet demand from an estimated 11 million sports fans, media and corporate clients who will come to the city for the world's biggest sporting event this summer.

The total Olympics rental market for flats, apartments or houses could be worth 314 million pounds, based on one in three homeowners considering letting out some or all of their properties, according to a survey by findaproperty.com last year.

The luxury end of London's housing market has been buoyed by demand from overseas investors looking to shield their wealth from the euro zone crisis and Arab spring uprisings. Prices for the best homes rose 39.5 percent between March 2009 and last November, Knight Frank said.

Renting homes was popular among certain wealthy individuals as it provided a greater level of privacy than a hotel, Scott said. ($1 = 0.6382 British pounds)

(Editing by David Cowell)

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/britain/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20120215/lf_nm_life/us_olympics_britain_rents

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A Simple Course Guitar Music Writing, A Simple Course Music ...

Music is a medium that has continued over many years, and to large numbers of cultures throughout the world, is a major part of their way of life. It is also a very gainful business to get into, with piles of means to become rich. However triumphing in the music industry is without fail no simple accomplishment, as there are piles of other people going for fortune and glory.

Lots of folks tend to be daunted simply by the thought connected with busting in to the audio marketplace, even when they?re very willing to do so. They might be concerned that the understand absolutely nothing concerning music principles and really don?t comprehend exactly where to get started. The amazing aspect concerning the net is the fact there are lots of web based classes that educate songwriting or how to write music and they happen to be all just simply a click away! It is never way too late to make a start at trying to learn How to Write Music on Guitar, two part harmonies and a whole lot more. There is reams of materials on the web, all waiting to help educate you just about any element of song writing and your own improvement is really only restricted by your own desire to have success!

One instance of a site that administers music theory lessons gives intelligent tutoring dealing with music theory, and being online based, you can become able in How to Write Music and tons more subjects to do with music theory, conveniently from the comfort of your own abode. If you are a music trainer the lessons can also serve as an awesome resource for teaching your students more about anything to do with music theory!

For individuals that don?t possess the knowledge for music theory there are many other occupations in the music industry to exceed in. If you are awesome at business and marketing then associate with one of the various outfits that advocates recorded music and musicians.

The music industry is quite large indeed, but like each other industry, if you have plenty of diligence and have the appropriate know-how even you could triumph. For awesome lessons in Music Chords, chord voicing, writing counterpoint and much, much more head to the links of this essay.

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Pakistani PM charged with contempt over graft case (AP)

ISLAMABAD ? The Supreme Court charged Pakistan's prime minister with contempt Monday for defying its order to reopen an old corruption case against the president, sharpening a political crisis that has shaken this already volatile country.

At a separate hearing, the top court also took on the country's powerful army, demanding that two military intelligence agencies explain why they held seven suspected militants for 18 months in allegedly harsh conditions without charging them.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani pleaded not guilty to the contempt charge. If convicted, he could be imprisoned and will likely lose his job. But analysts said the premier seems willing to sacrifice himself for the benefit of his party and his political ally, President Asif Ali Zardari.

Gilani's ouster would not topple the government. But the case has distracted officials from dealing with a host of ills facing the nuclear-armed country, including a stuttering economy and a vicious Islamist insurgency.

The political turmoil has also been a problem for the United States because it wants Pakistan to focus on repairing troubled bilateral relations and help negotiate peace with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Gilani drove himself and his lawyer to court, an apparent attempt to show humility to the judges. Security was tight, with helicopters buzzing through the rainy, overcast sky and hundreds of police blocking roads leading to the court building in the capital, Islamabad.

One of the judges, Nasirul Mulk, read out the contempt charge, saying Gilani had "willfully flouted, disregarded and disobeyed the direction given by this court."

The prime minister, who was surrounded by his Cabinet members and coalition partners, said he understood the charge and would contest it. The move was the formal start to a process that will take months or weeks to conclude. The next session will be on Feb. 22.

Court supporters have applauded the judges for upholding the rule of law. But government loyalists accuse the chief justice of pursuing a personal vendetta against president.

The case against Zardari relates to kickbacks he and his late wife, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, allegedly received from Swiss companies when Bhutto was in power in the 1990s. They were found guilty in absentia in a Swiss court in 2003.

Zardari appealed, but Swiss prosecutors dropped the case after the Pakistani parliament passed an ordinance giving the president and others immunity from old corruption cases that many agreed were politically motivated.

The bill was decried by many in Pakistan, who saw it as an attempt to subvert the law. The Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional in 2009, and also ordered the government to write a letter to Swiss authorities requesting they reopen the case. The government has refused, saying the president enjoys immunity from prosecution while in office.

Analysts said Gilani seems unlikely to bend to the court's demands and will likely be convicted and lose his job. The national assembly would then vote for a new prime minister, but the process could drag for months.

Most legal experts think the president would be in no immediate danger even if Gilani did ask Swiss authorities to reopen the case.

Last year, a Swiss prosecutor told the media that Geneva couldn't bring proceedings against Zardari because he has immunity as a head of state.

But the government may be concerned that the court may question the president's immunity if Gilani agrees to write the letter because of bad blood between Zardari and Chief Justice Iftikar Mohammad Chaudry.

Zardari refused to reinstate Chaudry for many months after he was fired by former President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, despite having promised to do so. He was eventually forced to relent after public demonstrations.

The government's goal seems to be to survive through at least the summer, when it would finish the next annual budget. That would allow the ruling Pakistan People's Party to funnel dollars to the right places to improve its chances in national elections, which are scheduled for 2013 but which many expect could be called early in the fall.

Some government supporters have accused the Supreme Court of acting on behalf of the army to oust Zardari. But no evidence has surfaced to support that allegation, and the court has hounded the military as well.

The court had ordered the country's most powerful spy service, the ISI, to produce seven suspected militants before the judges on Monday. The suspects were held by ISI and another military intelligence agency without charges since 2010.

The order was in response to petitions from the families of the men, who had been looking for them. The relatives claim the men were held in harsh conditions with very little food or water.

Two of the suspects appeared in poor health, with one of them forced to use a urine bag. Four other men who were picked up with the seven had died under mysterious circumstances.

The court gave the spy agencies until March 1 to submit a report, said Pakistan's attorney general, Anwarul Haq. It also instructed officials to arrange medical checkups for the suspects.

The case could have wide-ranging repercussions because the security services are alleged to have picked up hundreds of people over the years and held them without charges.

However, it is unclear if the Supreme Court has the power to hold the army ? the strongest institution in the country ? to account.


Associated Press writer Zarar Khan contributed to this report from Islamabad.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/topstories/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20120213/ap_on_re_as/as_pakistan

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শনিবার, ১১ ফেব্রুয়ারী, ২০১২

Another American in Libya no-fly limbo

Mustafa Elogbi, 60, a U.S. citizen of Libyan origins, poses for pictures with children from a refugee camp during a visit to Libya in 2011.

By Kari Huus, msnbc.com

Remember Jamal Tarhuni, the U.S. businessman whom?msnbc.com reported on last week because he was denied boarding on his flight home from North Africa and summoned to the U.S. Embassy for questioning by the FBI? It turns out?a second American is?in the same security limbo in Tripoli ? also a Libyan-born businessman from Portland, Oregon. In some ways, the story of Mustafa Elogbi, 60, is even more harrowing.

Now both are in limbo in Tripoli, saying they don?t know why they were targeted, nor whether they will be allowed to proceed home.

"My husband has been traveling (to Libya) for the last three years, regularly," Elogbi?s wife, Annie Petrossian, said?in a phone interview from Portland. "Now suddenly the regime changes in Libya, and it becomes an issue. How come it was not an issue just three months ago before the regime changed in Libya? And now it became a problem?"

The secrecy that?surrounds security investigations makes them extremely difficult to assail. But civil rights activists say these cases suggest a troubling pattern ? or two of them ? that the federal government should address.

The nonprofit Muslim civil rights group Council on American Islamic Relations is calling for the Department of Justice to investigate "a pattern of unconstitutional activity emanating from the FBI's Field Office in Portland."

The Libyan League for Human Rights says it looking into a pattern "of American citizens of Libyan descent who traveled to Libya during the revolution have been detained and interrogated by the FBI, TSA, and CBP in recent months? The individuals in question were asked about their activities in Libya as well as their political and religious leanings."

Elogbi, like Tarhuni, is a naturalized U.S. citizen and longtime Portland resident. He first came to the United States as a student in the 1970s. Elogbi met and married his wife?in Portland, and they have raised five children there, while running a shop selling halal foods and imports.

U.S. aid worker: U.S. bars my return

A few years ago, toward the?end of the decades-long dictatorship of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya, when Washington and Tripoli improved ties, Elogbi?finally returned to Libya to visit family,?Petrossian said.

"It was his father (in Libya) who was always saying, ?Don?t come back, don?t come back, there are no rights here,'" said Petrossian. "It had been about 30 years since he had been to Libya before he went to visit."

During the revolution to topple Gadhafi in 2011, Elogbi got involved in humanitarian work in Libya, traveling there several times over the past year, visiting hospitals and refugee camps.

UK officials and "Brian" from Portland
This time, Elogbi boarded a flight from Tunisia to London on Jan. 8 after spending more than two months in Libya. He planned to spend a one-night layover with relatives in London before flying to Portland.

But when Elogbi stepped off the plane at London?s Heathrow Airport, he was met by four British agents who told him to hand over his passport and cell phone.

"They said, 'The order is coming from your own home country,'" said Petrossian.

He then spent several hours being detained, questioned, photographed and searched. The UK asked him questions about what he was doing in Libya, the whereabouts of his siblings in and outside Libya and who he spent time on his last day in Libya. Petrossian said the last day of her husband?s trip happened to overlap with that of a friend from Portland, so they spent it together. Security officials wanted to know that man?s job.

"(The officials) said that they weren?t going to let him fly back to the U.S., and that protocol was that he was to be sent back to Tunisia," she said.

Elogbi reportedly spent three days locked up in Colnbrooks? an immigration removal center near Heathrow Airport ? before he was put on a flight back to Tunis.

"They transported him in the back of a truck, it was nighttime and it was a very frightening situation," said Petrossian. "He was being treated?like some sort of a criminal. It was really, really traumatizing? He was stripped of his rights. It was horrific."

From Tunis, Elogbi returned to Tripoli to be with relatives, and has remained there since. When someone who identified himself only as "Brian" repeatedly called Elgobi on his cell phone saying he wanted to interview Elogbi, and that he should go to the embassy in Tunisia, he refused.

It later became clear that Brian was an agent from the FBI field office in Portland ? one of three agents who had flown in to question him and Tarhuni.

Elogbi did not go to Tunis, about a one-hour flight from Tripoli,?for what was being billed as an interview.

"He wasn't well enough to travel," according to Petrossian, who said her husband had a bad case of bronchitis. "And he wondered why he should be interviewed by the FBI outside the United States? and why they would send three agents across the world to see him. Interesting. My husband is somebody who is always available when he?s in Portland."

Muslim travelers say they're still saddled with 9/11 baggage

Is mosque the nexus?
The lack of information on these cases and others like them has the families, civil rights advocates and lawyers grasping for an explanation.

For Portland Muslims, it?s easy to characterize the Tarhuni and Elogbi cases as an extension of FBI focus on their community, and on the As-Saber Mosque, where many of them worship, in particular.

Lina Tarhuni, 23, subscribes to this theory to help explain her father?s ordeal.

"(The FBI) is running into a dead wall ? They just want to find just one person so they can say look we caught a bad guy? went to this mosque. They have no more information here ? now the only way to do it, is by saying that we need to tap into people who are traveling."

Some of the Portland Seven, who were indicted in 2001?on allegations that they were plotting to work with al-Qaida and wage war against the United States, had attended As-Saber. ?

Another terrorism suspect,?"Christmas Tree bomber" Mohamud Osman Mohamud was known to pray at the mosque.

The FBI tracked Mohamud, a Somali-American teenager, for several years and then swooped in and arrested him when, at 19, he allegedly tried to detonate a bomb at a crowded Christmas tree lighting event in Portland on Nov. 2010. The bomb was a fake provided by an FBI undercover agent posing as a member of a ring of Islamist extremists.

When the case goes to trial in April the prosecution is expected to lay out Mohamud?s alleged efforts to contact al-Qaida and his radical beliefs. The defense will argue that the FBI used entrapment to net the young?Mohamud.

Another As-Saber worshipper is Brandon Mayfield, a Portland attorney who the FBI erroneously linked to a 2004 bombing in Spain that killed 191 people. Mayfield, a convert to Islam, was held as a material witness in a Portland detention center for two weeks without charges on the chance that he might have information about the bombings. Ultimately, the court dismissed the case, and the FBI apologized and admitted to faulty fingerprinting.

Michael Migliore, a Muslim convert who attended the mosque found he was ? apparently ? on the government?s no-fly list when he tried to leave Portland to visit his mother in Italy. Migliore took a train to the East coast, then boarded a cruise ship to London, because he could not fly. Even then he was questioned by British authorities and detained for about 10 hours before being allowed to travel on.

The FBI is cornering subjects like Elogbi and Tarhuni overseas, where they are under pressure to talk without legal counsel or become informants because their passage home is at stake, according to Gadeir Abbas, a staff attorney for CAIR who has worked on many no-fly cases.

"It?s a way to get consent to an FBI interrogation that otherwise would not be forthcoming," said Abbas, who has had dozens of cases involving Muslim Americans detained and questioned overseas, and in many cases have been denied the right to fly home to the United States.

Interrogating by proxy sometimes also has advantages for U.S. investigators, he said.

"In this case, British customs officials have been enlisted to do what the FBI would not be allowed to do in the United States ? to detain Mr. Elogbi without due process and to intimidate him into giving up his constitutional?right to silence," he argued.

Are Libyan Americans a new target?
There may be another trend represented by Tarhuni and Elogbi?s plight, according to Yasmeen Ar-Rayani, the North American spokeswoman of the Libyan League for Human Rights.

"I think the tactic that CAIR is highlighting is most likely being employed here,? said Al-Rayani. "But the motives they have for employing it are different than in other cases."

"The U.S. has a real strategic interest in controlling the outcome of the Libyan revolution. One way of exerting that control is to find ways of intimidating problematic people in the community ? or to infiltrate these problematic circles with informants."

After Tarhuni?s daughter posted his?plight?on line two weeks ago, the human rights league started receiving reports from other Libyan Americans of seemingly similar encounters with security officials in recent months ? at borders, some when visited by agents in their homes, and some where the subject was prohibited from flying. They are exploring about 15 complaints to see if they support a strong hunch.

Initially, at least, Ar-Rayani says questioning seems to focus on the political affiliations, contacts?and religious persuasions: Who did they spend time with in Libya, where are their siblings, what role did they play in the revolution, did they have contact with Islamist parties or extremist groups such as al-Qaida, did they have contact with or see the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya?

Testing the water
Elogbi and Tarhuni have booked new tickets and are scheduled to board a flight back to the United States on Feb. 13, arriving in Portland on Feb. 14. Their Portland attorney Tom Nelson is traveling to the region so he can accompany them on the flight.

The two men do not know whether they are included on the U.S. government?s secret no-fly list. As per government security policy, the FBI will not confirm or deny it.

The FBI field office in Portland also declined comment on the case involving the Portland men.

Thus they do not know if they will be prevented from boarding in Tunis, or in Paris or Amsterdam, where they change planes. They say that Mike Sweeney, consul at the U.S. Embassy in Tunis told them, to go ahead and book their flights home, making sure to inform of their itinerary.

Sweeney, who responded last week that he could not comment on the cases of Tarhuni or Elogbi, out of privacy concerns, did not respond to further queries about the?travel status for the two men.

They?do not know if they face FBI questioning if they get to Portland, nor whether they will be barred from further air travel, said Petrossian, Elogbi's wife.

"I don?t know what to expect until they are on that very last flight,? she said. ?Even when they land here, what is going to happen next? We really don?t know what to expect."

More from msnbc.com and NBC News:

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cabriolet mist: Learning Boxing Combinations sports,recreation and ...

Undoubtedly Mohammed Ali is 1 of the greatest boxers of all time. In no other time in United States Boxing History have we observed such a dominate figure in the Heavy Weight Boxing arena. Mohammed Ali captured the imagination of a generation as he floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee. He was a man of agility, passion and self-confidence and it showed and usually flowed out of his persona to shock us and ruffle a few feathers too. Not to mention intimidate his opponents.

Some critics say he was not the greatest heavy weight boxer of all time but, I would challenge those critics to A.) Get in a ring and tell him that yourself and B.) Name a improved candidate for the greatest boxer of all time.

During his profession he as soon as stated "I am superior identified than Jesus Christ!" Oh taboo mentioned the Christian soldier however he had a point as he was honored and respected throughout the Planet of Islam and that accounts for additional than one billion individuals. And he was known throughout the United States and Europe as a force to be reckoned with if you were going to develop into a challenger. So he was identified throughout each the Islamic Planet and the Christian World.

The funny thing was, he knew it, and he was never one particular to hold back his earned ego, and while boastful at occasions, at least he could back it up, in or out of the ring. In some regards, I suppose he helped bring the planet together, and although some at the time could have been much less than impressed, no one particular can take away his extraordinary talent - "moving like a buttefly and stinging like a bee" was his battle cry - yes, he was all of that and more, quite impressive indeed.

So, even if you did not appreciate such comments, he was right he likely was additional nicely known that "Jesus Christ" and even as an American I cringe at the reality, but we have to admit the reality.

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How ovulating women affect men's speech | Health X Pert Articles ...

The elaborate courtship displays found in the animal kingdom ? a peacock spreading his feathers, the hissing of the Madagascar cockroach ? aren't always appropriate in an office or classroom. Male humans seem to have devised other, less obvious ways of showing off. A new study suggests that when young men interact with a woman who is in the fertile period of her menstrual cycle, they pick up on subtle changes in her skin tone, voice, and scent ? usually subconsciously ? and respond by changing their speech patterns. Specifically, they become less likely to mimic the woman's sentence structure. According to the researchers, this unintentional shift in language may serve to telegraph the man's creativity and nonconformity ? qualities that are believed to attract potential mates. "At least a part of the interpersonal dynamic that exists when men and women are getting to know prospective romantic partners is being governed by the biology of a woman's body and men's sensitivity to these biological factors," says Michael Kaschak, Ph.D., the senior author of the study and an associate professor of psychology at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Health.com: Surprising libido boosters This idea isn't new to evolutionary psychologists, who have long known that males of various species will change their behavior if they're trying to find, or hold on to, a mate. In humans, these displays can include risk taking (rashly choosing to "hit" in blackjack, say), writing a romantic poem, or using big words. Moreover, previous research has found that female fertility cues tend to trigger this type of behavior in men. With that knowledge in mind, Kaschak and his coauthor designed a pair of experiments to test whether a woman's fertility affects male speech. Their findings appear in the journal PLoS One this week. The first experiment included 123 male and five female college students, all of them heterosexual. The researchers tracked each woman's fertility by marking the beginning and end of her menstrual cycle. At various points in the cycle, they paired off a woman with one of the men in a laboratory. Health.com: 29 days to a healthier relationship The man and woman sat together at a table and were given a few minutes to interact, so the man could discern fertility cues, if there were any. To make cues as noticeable as possible, the women refrained from using makeup, perfume or scented shampoo. Researchers then gave each partner a stack of line drawings depicting simple scenes ? one child giving another child a toy, for example. The woman was asked to provide a one-sentence description of each picture ("Meghan gave Michael a toy"), and the man responded by doing the same with one of his own pictures. As he did so, the researchers compared the structure of his sentences to that of the woman's. When the women were less fertile, men copied their sentence constructions 62% of the time. But the rate dropped to just under 50% when the women were at peak fertility. What's more, when the researchers repeated the experiment with women only, fertility had no discernible impact on sentence structure. "It didn't show the same effect at all," Kaschak says. "The effect was specific to men." Health.com: A top doc reveals 8 fertility misconceptions There is a catch, however: Men in the first experiment who thought their partner was being flirtatious were actually more likely to match their sentence structure to hers. In this scenario, Kaschak says, the male's priority might be to reciprocate the female's interest rather than draw added attention to himself. "If the woman seems noncommittal, then maybe the correct strategy is to do something to try to stand out a little bit, to try to get her attention," he says. "Maybe you can drum up some interest." The findings will likely be of interest to language researchers, especially those who study so-called "linguistic alignment" in relationships, Kaschak and his coauthor suggest. For the rest of us, they're a reminder that conversations between men and women are often more complex than they might seem on the surface. "A lot of the behavior that we exhibit when we interact with other people happens on an unconscious level," Kaschak says. Filed under: Fertility , Health.com Tagged: Amanda Gardner ? Health.com

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How ovulating women affect men?s speech

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